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Why hey there. I've only recently become a part of the Lost fandom, and as Sawyer is my favorite character, I was hoping for some recs, as I've had some trouble finding the exact fics that fit the bill. What I'm really looking for is good fics involving Jack and Sawyer - I'm cool with slash, (but it's not necessary!), but I'm not really looking for a romance, if you know what I mean. I've had trouble finding fics with those two that is in character, as they tend to be super lovey-dovey in most of the fics I've found, and that's not really a scenario I can ever picture them in unless is super well-written. I love angst, if that helpS! I would really appreciate it if somebody could give me some good recs, because I've been really craving some good Jack and Sawyer fic. Thanks so much!
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Songfics -- Down Came the Rain by uhzoomzip

Title: Down Came the Rain
Author: uhzoomzip
Characters: Sawyer
Summary: Why Sawyer sings.
Why you should read it: A wonderful revisiting of several key moments in Sawyer's life and what music has meant to him. uhzoomzip takes an insightful and subtle approach to songfic here, just a hint or a line of different songs that played a part in Sawyer's life. A really solid character piece.

And so the prompt this week is SONGFIC. It doesn't have to a dirty word, LOL. Lots of wonderful fics have been inspired by songs, including these, previously recced here:

1. Simple Man by kho, in which Charlie sings a song that brings up memories of Sawyer's mother.

2. Diamonds on the Inside by hackthis. Sawyer's mother liked French songs.

So rec me your favorite Sawyer fics inspired by a song or set of songs. Any genre, any mood, any song.
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A Good Man by themoononastick

Title: A Good Man
Author: themoononastick
Characters: Sawyer, Hurley
Summary: After Libby's death, Hurley and Sawyer share a moment
Why you should read it: Because there are just not enough Sawyer & Hurley fics out there and this one is so lovely and heartfelt, picking up from that great scene where Sawyer played matchmaker for Hurley

In honor of the Hurley episode this week: The prompt is SAWYER AND HURLEY

Rec me your favorite fics involving Sawyer and Hurley. I've previously recced kho's "Sport of Kings," a great little fic in which Sawyer and Hurley play cards. If you missed the rec, go here.

I know those fics are out there!
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Best Laid Plans by ficangel

Title: Best Laid Plans
Author: ficangel
Characters: Sawyer, Jack
Rating: R
Why you should read it: I was just thinking of this fic the other day. It's a missing scene from "Confidence Man," where Jack is there instead of Kate when Sawyer wakes up. There just can't ever be enough Jack and Sawyer interaction, as far as I'm concerned, and this one definitely feels like canon. (Only with some swearing.) I would have given anything to see these two get in some more licks in the immediate aftermath here, instead of waiting until the next episode. This is rough and raw and so immensely satisfying.

And also, the next prompt is MISSING SCENE fics. If you have a favorite "missing scene" fic involving Sawyer, one that feels like it could have been on the show or that you'd have loved to see, please post it to the comm in a separate post. Just include title, author, rating, etc.
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Mod Notice

Hey guys! This community is now set up so that any member can post here.

1. Recs must be about fics that are Sawyer-centric.
2. Please include:
Fic name, author name, rating, pairing (if appropriate) and a link to the fic. Also a short note about why you're reccing it.
3. No reccing your own fics. (Because that's tacky.)
4. No promoting other communities
5. No RPG posts, icons, pics, etc. Just fic recs, thanks.
6. Tags are set up for just about every pairing and genre, so please use them.
7. If you're not sure if something's been recced here before, you can check the memories.

THANK YOU. Now, go rec something! :)
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Behind Blue Eyes by gemjam

Wanted to share a great fic I read tonight. It's an AU in which Jack is the private detective whom Sawyer hires to find the real Mr. Sawyer. The premise is simple but the story certainly is not. Jack suspects what Sawyer will do once he tracks down the man who ruined his life, but he can't bring himself to not help him. Good stuff, especially if you love anything vaguely noirish.

Behind Blue Eyes by gemjam.