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Songfics -- Down Came the Rain by uhzoomzip - Feeding Your Sawyer Fic Needs [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Songfics -- Down Came the Rain by uhzoomzip [Mar. 10th, 2007|03:37 pm]
Sawyer Fic Recs



Title: Down Came the Rain
Author: uhzoomzip
Characters: Sawyer
Summary: Why Sawyer sings.
Why you should read it: A wonderful revisiting of several key moments in Sawyer's life and what music has meant to him. uhzoomzip takes an insightful and subtle approach to songfic here, just a hint or a line of different songs that played a part in Sawyer's life. A really solid character piece.

And so the prompt this week is SONGFIC. It doesn't have to a dirty word, LOL. Lots of wonderful fics have been inspired by songs, including these, previously recced here:

1. Simple Man by kho, in which Charlie sings a song that brings up memories of Sawyer's mother.

2. Diamonds on the Inside by hackthis. Sawyer's mother liked French songs.

So rec me your favorite Sawyer fics inspired by a song or set of songs. Any genre, any mood, any song.